We offer you different types of plates.

Plates from sketch books
Extracted from our sketch books pages, L'Atelier proposes two types of plates:

Plates identical to any sketch book's page
Based real-scale watercolors of Coleopterans from our sketch books pages, we will extract any page of your choice and recreate it under our standard size of 13.5 x 19.7 cm ( 51/3" x 81/8" ) with an identification number and seal, as shown here with the Fornasinius fornasinii.

Choose the items you like in our range of existing sketch books or in CATALOGUE!

Click to enlarge (34 KB) Fornasinius fornasinii        

Special plates issued from our pages of sketch books
If you prefer a plate with a mix of Coleopterans, as for example (Sketch book Coleoptera - Volume I-1 Lucanidae) and Mecynorrhina torquata (Sketch book Coleoptera - Volume II-1 Cetoniinae), the result would be:

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Lucanidae's page   Cetoniinae's page   Your personal plate

The customer-defined references are treated in the page Special orders from our CATALOGUE section.

The existing plates
L'Atelier will continuously expand its catalogue of coleopteran plates. Below are some examples of our creations.

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Lady-bird metamorphosis

Lucanus cervus


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Elateridae Cantharidae Cicindelidae

Personalized plates
Obviously, you may desire non standard sizes, different views (i.e., side, front, back, up or ), additional details added in Indian ink, a different subject (i.e., combination of insects), etc . It is not a problem!

We show you here a plate, which is a reproduction of a page from trade calendar now destroyed, offered by parents in order to be reproduced as a mural decoration for personal for personal use only.
As such it will never be reproduced - even partially - for commercial use. However, this shows another style of plate we can specifically realize for you.
Should your subject of interest be insects, butterflies, mushrooms, botanical subject or mixed types, tell us what you want to be realized.

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For every case, we will confirm to you our ability to satisfy you with the preliminary e-mailing of our drafts - which you can modify with your comments (see SKETCH BOOKS), a price estimate, as well as time requirements for the realization. mpoty@free.fr

Whatever plate you choose, it will be original, sealed, signed (dated on the back), and supplied with a certificate of authenticity including your number of registration with your personal reference.