Based on a Coleopteran from our selection, L'Atelier proposes cards showing this insect with a white background [painted on the French brand name Canson© paper, type Montval® cold pressed in 300 g/m² (140 lbs) for a size of 5 1/3" x 8 1/8" (10 x 16 cm)].

A text, handwritten with Indian ink, surrounds the watercolor painting of the corresponding insect. We remind you that, with watercolors, colour transparency comes from the paper itself and the amount of water added, but never from white painting. We proceed as such for any watercolor shown on our site.

The entire document is finalized by the affixing of our seal; and it will be supplied with our authenticity certificate showing your registration number!

We below exhibit some samples, among which you can see a European Coleoptera, the Lucanus cervus and one of our first creations, the Augosoma centaurus from Occidental and Central Africa.

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Of course, we can likewise (watercolor with Indian ink comments) treat other subjects (i.e., butterfly, insect, mushroom, tree, plant, flower, animal, etc...). Just send us the subject and your personalized text.

You may desire a Coleopteran representative of a specific geographical area and not shown on this site, please ask us! We will realize it for you.

We will paint a three-dimensional watercolor representation of any insect, you may be interested in. L'Atelier will realize a sketch for approval in the case of a complete creation; and we will submit it to you for modifications up to the approval of your order by e-mail.

Keeping in mind our continuous design new cards of coleopterans or butterflies, we urge you to let go your imagination and consider possible any type of personalization.

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