Apollo, the son of Zeus and Leto, was the most Greek of all Gods. The mythological God of beauty, light and arts also lent his name to some butterfly species, like the "Parnassius apollo" - a common mountain species from Europe and Caucasus, logo of our gallery. Expert entomologists will also have in mind the Archon apollinus, a butterfly originating from Turkey, and its cousin Augosoma centaurus (previously listed as Archon centaurus), logo of "L'Atelier de Marc Poty".

1,618 is the mathematical expression for the golden number from which the name of our gallery is issued.

The canvas "Sunrise on the Adriatic" gained in 1910 a sharp success near criticisms during an exhibition. Its author, Boronali, anagram of Aliboron in the fable of Jean de La Fontaine, were actually also an ass on the tail of which the writer Roland Dorgelès and his accomplices from Montmartre had attached a brush!

In a strong position because of this memorable hoax and because the formats and the location of the subjects represented on a support do not owe anything randomly, we remind you of the bases as well on the paper formats as the golden section.

We offer you a selection of different techniques (i.e., watercolor, oil, gouache, Indian ink) and close to 100 different themes, plus yours, as our purpose is to realize the subject of your choice under the technique you prefer, from your personal documents.

The sketch books of travel in watercolor return to the style of the day. Whatever the subject, the wished format, the means of expression to adapt to your desire, the gate of your house, your house, your garden, the creation of an original album specialized as that that we present to you here.

Whatever your theme of choice, desired format, preferred technique are, feel free to contact us at mpoty@free.fr. By an exchange of mails and drafts, we guarantee the result you wish to obtain, since you will see it on your screen!

As a proof of our ability to answer the specific need you may have, below are displayed five paintings chosen among our personal collection; they are copies in watercolor at their genuine size from masters as Turner, Dali, Gauguin, Sisley, Klimt, van Gogh, Degas, Ingres, Matisse, etc... Up to 1.16 m length (45,67 inches).

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Inondation à Port Marly
Alfred Sisley
41 x 60 cm

Never More
Paul Gauguin
60,5 x 116 cm

Métamorphose de Narcisse
Salvador Dali
50,8 x 78,2 cm

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Le Palais des Doges, la Dagona
J.M.W. Turner
63 x 93 cm

Les Iris
Vincent van Gogh
71 x 93 cm

To answer, in advance, a question many persons who saw these works asked us, we acknowledge these genuine and pure watercolors - realized in conformity with one technique used for oil painting - require from 100 to 200 hours depending of the original model.

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